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Following you will find some articles written by Carolyn Miller that have been published in various equestrian publications. These articles are copyrighted and can not be reprinted for publication without permission from the author.

One of the most frequently asked questions we here is "How do I get started, can I claim my horse activity?" We believe reading the following article will provide guidance to those asking that question. Though this article is a little dated, the principals still apply:

 Are your Horses Tax Deductible? (Feb 2000)

The following article provides tips on assembling information for your accountant and making sure you provide your accountant with all the information required to prepare an accurate return.. In the article, you may find information on deductions you haven't been claiming, again dated but relevant!

Tax Tips for Horseowners (Feb 99)

Here is a link to an article that answers some of the many questions I get about donating horses and services:

Donating Horses to Charity


What to do in the event of an audit? Read the article published in the AQHA Journal in March 2008 "The Taxman Cometh" (I didn't write this one but I was interviewed and am quoted in it!)

You may also find tax tips and interesting links on our facebook page where we bring you the latest news feeds and information:

We also have added a list of recommended books and publications.


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